What is a WoodLight?

Every tree has a history.
Each growth ring recalls a time years ago when a tree house rested aloft or a summer drought tightened the grain. We love the stories and character embodied in natural wood veneer. At WoodLight Company we have perfected a way to showcase this character and bring the unique beauty of wood to light.

When you collaborate with WoodLight Company, you will own a one-of-a-kind piece, literally a slice in time with a unique story all its own. We carefully combine hand-selected wood, veneer with durable light diffusing substrates in artfully designed shapes, wrap it all around the latest LED technology, and
Bring Wood To Light.


"Our custom WoodLight Sconces are a design highlight in our new lakefront home. They get rave reviews from everyone for their eye-catching design and the warm, welcoming ambiance they provide.

SV - Lakes Region NH


At WoodLight Company, we embrace the precept of unifying art, craft and technology. We strive for elegance through simplicity and consistency - where the beauty of our designs and the hand-selected, wood and other materials can really shine.


We are always looking for inspiration in art, architecture, nature and the world around us. For custom commissions, we start by listening. Once we understand the client's vision, we translate it into a design, iterate based on feedback and then apply carefully engineered construction methods to provide the highest quality result. We’re not only designers - we're engineers, so we worry about every detail.


Long ago, we were two young engineers working for a major aerospace company. We discovered a common passion for working with wood. Countless evenings were spent designing and crafting furniture and lighting in a cramped basement workshop. We honed our skills and dreamed about turning our love for working with wood into a business, but career moves and growing families put a pause on those dreams
…a long pause.

WoodLight Company is a story for those who believe entrepreneurship is not a sole dominion of youth, who believe there is great value in the experience that life provides, tremendous energy that stems from a dream whose time has come, and a unique quality and beauty that result when creativity, engineering skills, craftsmanship and friendship intersect.

This is WoodLight Company!

Mark and Pete
Cofounders and Principals


We aren't satisfied until you are. As engineers, we know it’s all about the details.


When we say handcrafted we mean it...crafted by our hands in our shop.


We minimize our footprint using energy efficient LEDs and sustainable wood species.