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February 2, 2017
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February 2, 2017

Wall Fixtures and Sconces

Wall Lighting Never Looked Better

Walls are the domain of artwork - why should the light fixtures that adorn them be any different? At WoodLight Company, we bring sconces to an art form. Our family of wall fixtures provides a broad pallette to suit any interior, running the gamut from classic elegance to bold new looks.

If your space calls for something beyond the ordinary consider a Tiyo, Tri, Quad, Ell, Val or Kurva wall sconce from WoodLight Company. With our wide portfolio of natural wood material, these lights offer almost endless choices for foyers, hallways, firesides, bedsides, bathrooms and dressing areas to name a few possibilities. Let's discuss your visions and ideas to find the perfect match.

Materials and Design

Our mission at WoodLight Company is "bringing wood to light", and nowhere is this more evident than in our family of wall sconces. Through a painstaking process, we combine thin, wood material, the latest LED technology and alluring designs into forms that have a perfect blend of utility, beauty and uniqueness of character. If you want a light fixture that blends into the background, there are plenty out there - but we don't make them. If you want lighting to captivate your imagination, draw your attention and elicit compliments from your guests then consider a WoodLight sconce. If it doesn't get noticed - we didn't do our job.

All of our sconces are available in your choice of wood species mounted on a high quality backplate.


WoodLight Company offers an amazing portfolio of carefully selected wood veneers for our signature shades.


Our fixtures are built individually with great pride in workmanship. We select the most interesting and captivating grain from only the best quality veneer and combine this with a durable, light diffusing substrate, UL listed electrical components and the right LED light for the application.