Table and Floor Lamps
February 2, 2017

Suspension and Pendant Lights

Suspension Lights - Myriad Options

WoodLight Company offers a selection of captivating suspension lights. For pendants, choose from our Ell (Elliptical), Tiyo (Tubular), Tri (Triangular) or Quad (Square) shade designs in a choice of wood species. These fixtures are designed not only to look great but also to help you see well, providing warm light to the task at hand.

If you are looking for larger suspended lights, we also offer oversized pendants. Our stunning Evo Pendant is crafted in the same species as our other pendants but at 15" L by 10"W it is more befitting a dining room, conference room, grand kitchen island or larger space. And if you need even larger fixtures our chandeliers also incorporate our beautiful, backlit wooden shade design and the latest LED technology to provide perfect light. Check them out on the Chandelier page.

Materials and Design

We have selected six wood species for our pendants to provide superior choices in grain color and character. Cherry is perhaps the most formal, offering warm, inviting red tones. Ash and Maple are the blondest woods. Hickory, White Oak and Zebra Wood provide bold and distinctive contrast of both light and dark grain. At least one of these beautiful shades is sure to compliment your setting.

WoodLight pendants come hung by steel aircraft cable with a choice of black or white power cord drop from a single canopy. We offer several hardware finish options. Please download our product brochures or call us for details on species and suspension options. Consult an electrician with site specific installation questions. Contact us regarding your customization needs.


WoodLight Company offers an amazing portfolio of carefully selected wood veneers for our signature shades.


Our fixtures are built individually with great pride in workmanship. For our shades, we select the most interesting and captivating grain from only the best quality veneer and combine this with a durable, light diffusing substrate, UL-approved electrical components and the right LED light for the application.